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A Better Quality of Life for Minnsota

I have a couple ideas to make Minnesota better:


As a past Mayor of a small town, financial help to small towns would be very beneficial. When I wasn’t Mayor a large road improvement project took place. The project was over 1 million dollars. Property owners were accessed and takes tripled. Because of this project property taxes are comparable to towns with population of 20,000+. Home sales have taken a hit because of the high taxes. Infrastructure projects are needed in the years to come, the town or the property owners will not be able to afford the increases in property taxes.


The current Child Support Calculator punishes a parent who after divorce goes out and betters themselves. I worked 4 jobs, 1 fulltime and 3 part-time to meet my family’s needs. I was able to better myself with training and hard work. Because of the effort I put forth and my ex-husband changed to be self-employed and doesn't do much of anything, the amount of child support and medical reimbursement I receive was reduced significantly. What message does that send to new divorced parents? Encouraging people to do better for themselves benefits everyone.


Welfare/Food stamp recipients should have the same expectations held to them as employers do to employees. If you can't pass a drug test, you can't get assistance. If you receive assistance you should be required to show how you are trying to find work and/or be required to put in so many hours volunteering.

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