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Dropping person with disability off at government center

Taking homeless developmentally disabled person to Stillwater government center today. She's been bounced around since last October. Washington County denies responsibility for this person. They previously left her at McDonalds with no place to go.


Well its almost 5pm and it took me hours to pick up the woman and take her to the government center in Stillwater. We waited for a housing person. She ended up saying there's no "crisis housing" money.


BTW it was the Oakdale or Woodbury police that dropped the woman off at McDonalds in Ramsey County a couple of weeks ago. We then went to Saint Mary's Hospital in Rochester in to get help. They ended up sending her back to Washington County by shuttle.


This is what is going on in our state-supervised, county-administered system. People with high needs are getting dropped off by police in other counties or sent by medical shuttle to a hotel in another county. Counties don't want to be "county of financial responsibility."


When is the state going to simplify the system and put the right incentives in place? The funding should follow the person. Counties shouldn't be able to charge for case management and then provide no services. Counties shouldn't be able to close files and pretend a person isn't its resident.


Also, if counties don't want to be responsible - then find somebody that wants the job. Find private parties or non-profits to run the developmental disabilities system. Let them bid on these caseloads. Then pay them for doing real work for real people. Provide real help - like housing, food, and personal care assistance.


But please stop paying all this medical assistance money for all this expensive county administration with their gleaming county buildings when they don't help people.

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