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Minnesota nice!!!!!

We were both born and raised in MN and always loved it. Now we are looking to move.

First: Our family farm is a greater part of my mother in laws estate. The land value is inflated (bubble). We will have to sell assets to pay the estate tax. This is generational theft and government has no right to any of it.

Second: MN is too fast to jump into Obama care. The only reason we have stayed until now is the Mayo Clinic. We love our plan!!!!! If Obama care messes that up we will be out of here to a state that didn't set up an exchange and no Estate tax.

Third: Our son is in California and is looking for a State to set up an Areospace Company (he won't do it there). He has told us he will never do it here because of the poor business climate. We had always hoped he and his family would come home.

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