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Re-Creating Capitalism

A plan to create a sustainable business community.

Authored by

James Cammarato

1408 Oak Leaf Lane

Burnsville, MN 55337

Resources to attract and create new business

University of Minnesota Innovation Partnership Jobs Act

Program to take U of MN patents commercial

Cleantech Open North Central Region Minnesota Cup

prizes and consulting to entrepreneurs Cash prize competition

MN Science & Technology Authority Lifescience Alley

A state entity to develop small MN firms Helps patents go commercial. Also a trade Assoc.

Small Business Administration Open to Business

Small Business Investment Act of 1958 Free Business Consulting and grants

Venture Capital Core Innovation Capital

Split Rock Venture Capital & Minnesota Angel Network

An open competition to create new business

Use the above (and any other) resource to create a regularly scheduled competition for business plans. This allows for a heightened profile for the city, the above mentioned organizations and any new company that wins a competition. The above mentioned organizations have made no commitment to this idea.

Sustainable Business Community Competition

A ‚ÄúSustainable Business Community Competition‚ÄĚ is a reoccurring business plan competition to become a supplier to a local Big Box retailer. This promotes the business side of the city as well as each of the participating companies. Each retailer would be the final judge as to what competitor becomes eligible to supply the established retailer. During the competition companies with capital resources could also evaluate for borrowing needs.

Tax Increment Financing

The above models could also be of use to a community using Tax Increment Financing to attach and develop local business.

Export Initiative

Use the MSP Export initiative which is a state export initiative for small and medium sized business in Minnesota.

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